Sample Reports

Case Study :
Taco Bell Resort

Edible and non-edible offerings:

Sauce packet style floaties and yoga mats (non-edible)
Taco Bell fast food as room service (edible)
Taco Bell food inspired decor (non-edible)
Taco Bell-inspired catering (edible)
Taco Bell-themed spa services (non-edible)
Target Audience:

I believe that Taco Bell's target audience for The Bell is young adults, likely with no children, who are passionate about the brand, and have a decent amount of expendable income to burn on an experience-based purchase. Paying for a stay at a Taco Bell themed resort would be a purchase inspired by a desire for an exclusive experience, making new memories, over getting the other physical perks.


This marketing tactic is not unique to Taco Bell's resort, The Bell, and actually makes a decent amount of sense from my own marketing perspective. Hybe, the parent company behind BigHit music and entertainment company (the agency that manages the Kpop sensation BTS) host similar pop-up events and stores in locations where they have had concerts during world tours. By bringing exclusive offerings to where customers are, a brand can increase availability, affinity, and awareness. These marketing tactics can make money during their duration, but, more importantly, they can increase overall, traditional sales. Why would Taco Bell invest so much money in opening a branded hotel for only five days? Because it is a form of brand outreach. It is no different from running a short marketing campaign.

Longevity Potential:

I do not think that a chain of Taco Bell hotels would work as a long-term strategy. This marketing tactic plays to scarcity and snob appeals. On the one hand, if there was a single location, with a high cost threshold, Taco Bell could still target Taco Bell lovers who want to play to a sense of reckless, excess, but that approach does rely on a feel of luxury which doesn't align with Taco Bell's current brand image. Additionally, there is less scarcity and exclusivity for a resort that is always available. Lastly, in athropology we talk about "scope creep" in research, when you lose signt of your research question, your target, and end up trying to cover too much at once. Taco Bell is a fast food chain. Trying to switch to a hotel and resort company simply for the sake of a little more profit could be detrimental to company operations.