Participation in the BYU-Hawaii Undergraduate Research Conference


In the years 2022 and 2023, I participated in Brigham Young University - Hawaii's Undergraduate Research Conference (URC) to cover a total of 4 research projects as a presenter at 4 panels. For my first year at URC I presented my research paper on the influence of history and culture on the societal leanings towards written or oral record keeping strategies. I presented this paper through both anthropological and exegetical lenses. I also presented with a peer research group on data we gathered about language attitudes towards global Englishes on an international campus (IRB approved research).

In my second year presenting at URC, I partnered with another peer group to speak on research conducted about indigenous language preservation and revitalization supports offered on an international campus. Additionally, I co-presented with my fellow project managers on our applied anthropological efforts to increase student awareness and access to traditional sustainability environments, where higher education is supported through community partnership and improvement efforts.

Digital Marketing Guidebook

Applying in-class learning and harnessing the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, I put together an 8 chapter guidebook to assist in the digital marketing efforts of a new business venture.

This guidebook covers the uses and benefits of AI technology in digital marketing, how to develop personalized digital marketing strategies, and step-by-step tutorials for video and email marketing tactics. This project illustrates passion for digital marketing, resourcefulness, and adaptability. Not content to leave learning in the classroom, this is a prime example of practical skills being married to innate curiousity.

Digital Art

Logos and Merch